Home Delivery

Service Description:

- Network of delivery in all 63 cities and provinces in Vietnam.

- Delivery agents at your home door or any location at your convenience.

- Safety, Convenience, Confidentiality and No traffic.

- Best for elders or those who do not have transportation means or do not know where to go.

- Professionally trained agents with on time manner, politeness, respectfulness, and confidentiality about customer information.

- Committed to deliver within 3-6 hours in major cities. Normal standard of 24 hours and 36 hours for rural and remote areas.

To receive money:

- Delivery agent contacts receiver in advance by telephone to confirm time and location of delivery

- Receiver needs at least one legal pictured document or Identification (ID CARD, driver's license/Passport, etc.)

- To confirm identity of the designated receiver, delivery agent may have some questions to receiver.

- Receiver has to check cash received, confirm, and sign on a receipt presented by delivery agent.

Note: To protect your money, if delivery agent is not able to contact receiver by telephone, the delivery may be delayed until contacted.

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