About Us

TNMONEX aka TIN NGHIA was established in June 2009 in Nevada (USA) specialized in non-bank money service business and other trade services. The company is legally offering money transfer services to the Vietnamese community in the US with a network of 200 agents across the country.

Our business philosophy is to build a firm reputation of Trust. TIN means TRUST while NGHIA means CARING LOVE. A long with our name “TIN NGHIA”, we want to serve as a bridge between you and your relatives back home in Vietnam.

Our business goal is to provide safe, lawful, convenient, and quick money transfer services in enthusiastic and professional manners to customers.

To ensure the best quality of service, our company has built strategic partnership with most major banks and cash home delivery companies in Vietnam, which have a wide network of locations covering all 63 cities and provinces in the country. TNMONEX aka TIN NGHIA also has business relationship with several major banks in the United States. We fully comply with the US money remittance laws to provide safe transactions for our customers.

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